One Brand Everyday Makeup Routine (Wet n Wild)

Let’s be real, if you love reading about luxury makeup or professionally done looks, my blog probably isn’t for you. But if you like affordable makeup that does the job just as well, or easy looks that make you look like you have made a massive effort, you have come to the right place; make yourself at home. I don’t have a lot of money, … Continue reading One Brand Everyday Makeup Routine (Wet n Wild)

My Favourite Eyeliner Is £1? Why I Love The PoundLand (Make Up Gallery) Pro Liquid Eyeliner

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TOP 5 BOLD SUMMER LIPSTICKS // collab with BethXKate

Hey guys, today I have a really exciting post and my first ever blog collab. With my clothing choices, I tend to stick to darker colours and add try to incorporate pops of colour; when this fails, I can always rely on a bold lip to make me feel like I’ve somewhat made an effort to be ‘Summery’. I personally love a bold statement lip, but I … Continue reading TOP 5 BOLD SUMMER LIPSTICKS // collab with BethXKate

5 Product 5 Minute Summer Makeup (Affordable & Drugstore)

Hey guys, welcome back to my little space on the internet, I’m really excited for today’s post! Recently, as I tend to during warmer months, I’ve been loving the minimal makeup look for daily wear. Now I don’t just mean a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, I genuinely mean this makeup can be achieved with 5 products! Let’s get started… I lost my other photos so … Continue reading 5 Product 5 Minute Summer Makeup (Affordable & Drugstore)

Testing Argan Oil £1 Hair Care Range (Hit or Miss?)

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Everyday Makeup Routine (Drugstore & Affordable)

Hey guys, I’m back with a new blog post today, one I’ve previously done actually. But it was way back when I started my blog, so an updated version was well overdue.   PREP Before applying makeup I have found it is vital that you prepare your skin. I use to not use a moisturiser, nor a primer but since I’ve used them the makeup … Continue reading Everyday Makeup Routine (Drugstore & Affordable)

SOPH X Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, today I’m back with another beauty post despite saying I want to incorporate more lifestyle themed posts into my blog – but I recently got gifted the SophDoesNails SOPH x Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette from my boyfriend, which I’m so happy about as I’ve had my eyes on it since the release.

The main thing that stood about me is the shade variety. There is pretty much every colour you’d use on your eyes, compacted into one palette. The mix of shimmer and matte shades is also amazing because it’s suitable for any look you’re trying to achieve. The packaging is really simple and nude which I feel gives a premium feel to it since brands like KKW Beauty and Fenty Beauty have had similar designs.

The picture below shows all of the stunning shades – ignore the 2nd brown along the bottom, the bottom of a brush scraped it by accident a tiny bit and I hadn’t realised before the photo to fix it. I tried to wait until I took photos to try out the palette, but only opportunities I got to take photos were during dark hours (damn Winter) so I couldn’t resist! I definitely already know which colours will hit pan first; I asked my boyfriend if he could guess and he said the exact ones. My signature look for sixth form includes light pinks and browny nudes, and I’m always reppin’ a shimmery inner corner highlight! So I just know the top row and the brown shades will be my go-to!

I feel like with drugstore products, the pigmentation in each shadow always seems to vary – unless it’s because they’re different types (i.e. baked, shimmer, glitter) – and this is the case with this palette too. This doesn’t bother me however, because I tend to not go too dramatic with my eyeshadow, yet they are very buildable for those days I’m feeling creative.

For quite literally a tenner, you are getting 24 gorgeous and well pigmented eyeshadows! Including pretty much every colour with both mattes and shimmers. A hell of a deal, if you ask me. I really think Sophie has done a fab job and Makeup Revolution, again, have not disappointed me with a new product. I completely recommend this palette.

Just incase anyone wondered, I don’t have the highlighter palette from the collection, purely for the reason that I’m not really a highlight wearer, so I wouldn’t get enough usage out of it at the moment.

Hope you enjoyed this short chat about this palette! Stay tuned for more by following and following my social media, until next time,

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