Goodbye, ‘anaslilblog’.

For a long time, I have been considering making changes to my blog. Creating ‘Ana’s Lil’ Blog’ back in August 2016, when I had recently turned 16, means I have grown a lot as a person since. I’m 19 in a few months, and I feel like I have changed as a person. I’m still me, personality wise, but I feel like I have matured and my tastes and interests have changed over time.

For this reason, I have been changing small parts of my blog. I have swapped theme a few times, and started changing up my content a little bit, but a part of me still associated my blog with 16-year-old me. I had pretty much decided that I wanted to make some  further changes to my blog, and then today I tweeted that I was planning to ‘rebrand’, ready for 2019.

4 hours later, I was checking for an available name that I could use on all of my platforms. I have nothing against those that don’t, but for me, it is important to have all of my usernames and blog name the same. I found one I liked which was also available everywhere, and I just decided it was time to do it.

Why ‘xo, Ana Rita’? Simply because I wanted to make my blog more personal to me, and also give it more professionalism in a sense. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I just felt that my blog should have a change to coincide with my growth as a person. My first name is ‘Ana’ and my middle name is ‘Rita’. The ‘xo’ is mainly because I couldn’t have just ‘anarita’ on anything. But I do really like it, because I have always signed off my blog posts with ‘xo Ana’.

If you’re wondering what this means as a whole for my blog… well, not much really. I have already changed up my theme – I do want to be self hosted eventually, but financially that isn’t really possible right now. I will still be posting beauty, fashion and lifestyle content but it will just be a lot more relevant to me now. I haven’t done many fashion posts and I don’t think I have ever properly shown my style on my blog, which is something I definitely want to do. I also just want more content up in general, and I am hoping a little change to my blog will motivate me to grow my blog even more in the new year.

I hope that explains it a little bit. It is the end of an era. ‘Ana’s Lil’ Blog’ is no more. However, I’m not going anywhere and there isn’t a significant change. I’ll hopefully be bringing out lots of better content throughout 2019, I’m so excited for this new chapter of blogging as ‘xo, Ana Rita’.

Thanks a lot for the support so far, I’d love to hear what you think about the change below!

Until next time,

xo, Ana





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12 thoughts on “Goodbye, ‘anaslilblog’.

  1. I love the new name! I definitely think it does sound more professional and associating something with a younger you can definitely hold you back sometimes. I’m really excited to see your new content, especially fashion as I’m always looking for new things to buy 😍
    Alice Xx

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