TOP 5 GIFTING TIPS: Christmas Gift Guide On A Budget

Hey everyone, today we’re getting into some more festive content and I thought I’d start with something that could help you guys. Being 18 and a full time student means I don’t have a lot of money, but that doesn’t stop me being a great present buyer (if I do say so myself). I’m sure most of you have already got the majority of your gifts, but if you need some last minute ideas, this is the place for you.



There’s just something about owning things with your name on – especially if like me, you have an awkwardly spelt name, it just makes it all the more special. Instantly when people speak of things they own that have been personalised, the assumption is that it is very pricey. But online sites such as eBay, Amazon, etsy and lots more offer this for super cheap. All under £10, I’ve found personalised wine glasses, phone cases, key rings, necklaces, you name it. Even gifts such as photo frames can always be appreciated, and despite being super affordable, adding a photo you took together always makes for a sentimental gift! Another super affordable, yet lovely gift idea, is printing polaroid style photos on LALALAB – this isn’t sponsored or anything by the way. It is just pretty cheap so worth mentioning; nothing beats having your favourite photos printed out to look back on, especially in this digital day in age.


Another great tip is writing down a list of who you need to buy for, and next to their names writing down the main hobbies, interests and just general likes that they have – if you’re stuck for ideas. It doesn’t have to be pricey, but getting something that is special to the person means you really can’t go wrong. My boyfriend loves playing his PS4; if you are buying for a gamer, but don’t know where to start, I suggest visiting a local Cex store! They have super cheap second hand games, that work just as well for a fraction of the price. I’m speaking 50p-£8 most of the time. If you have a friend who loves shopping, or that just has an interest in fashion, a gift card is a cliche yet super convenient gift idea. Even just adding £10-15 will help your friend out purchasing that gorgeous dress they’ve been after forever. If you’ve notice that the person you’re buying for likes to read, they’ll obviously appreciate a book – you can find books for affordable prices by going on amazon and sorting them from low-high price, or checking stores such as WHSmiths for sales. Many charity shops have a good selection of cheap books too. There’s just so many ways to save money!


I think people limit their idea of gifting cosmetics to just makeup – which of course is usually a good gift idea for women – but there is so much more to it. So many different gift sets are available around Christmas, and a lot of the time they have offers and sales on. I know that anyone can appreciate a nice bath or shower set, because at the end of the day, we all do bath or shower! Why not make it a bit more luxury? I can almost guarantee that the men in your life, though they may not ask for it or admit it, will appreciate a nice gift set along the lines of haircare, fragrance or body wash. If they have a beard there are so many beard care kits which would go down a treat! Superdrug is a great place to start looking for things like these, all under £10 you have men’s gift sets, women’s bath, fragrance and makeup sets and a heck tonne of Zoella products if that appeals.


Honestly, I think most people can agree, food is the way to go when you have no idea what to get. Filling a gift bag up with your brother’s favourite sweets and chocolates, or buying a share box of retro sweets for your dad is bound to put a smile on his face. Another great gift idea is alcohol – if it is an over 18 year old you’re buying for, who likes to drink. A bottle of red wine, rum, gin, maybe even champagne to celebrate Christmas and the new year. You could even consider food-related items such as baking equipment or a kitchen necessity your mum has been after for a while but not got around to buying.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever treat someone to something pricey they’ve wanted for ages, or avoid designer items at all cost but instead of feeling guilty that you can’t afford something super expensive, perhaps consider something simple that the person will get a lot of use out of. Notebooks are something every single person requires at some point, and you can get some bloody cute ones. I know for sure my boyfriend would love the look of those with leather covers, and I know a lot of my friends would love having some pretty, aesthetically pleasing ones. Buying your friend something to put in their car or home that they will see and use every single day will probably benefit them a lot more than a Gucci belt or designer glasses, in my opinion anyway. If your sister loves to paint, getting her paint or brushes would help her out. If you are buying for an adult, home ware items are always greatly appreciated and can be found for a bargain in shops like Primark and New Look. Those are just a few examples – try to think of things that the person you’re buying for would use on a daily basis.

Ending on that note, we have made it the end of my first festive post. I blurted out a ramble underneath all of them points, as always, but I think I managed to get a load of gift ideas out in amongst them. Just to clarify once again, I am by no means saying that buying pricey gifts is bad in any way, I’m just trying to show that you can make someone’s christmas and still save a lot of money too if that’s more convenient for you. There are so many amazing gifts you can get that really don’t cost a lot – christmas shopping doesn’t have to be expensive and most of the time it’s the thought that counts.

I hope you enjoyed; make sure to let me know below what your favourite idea/point was, which you will be taking into consideration and maybe even leave some more suggestions below for other people to see!

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20 thoughts on “TOP 5 GIFTING TIPS: Christmas Gift Guide On A Budget

  1. I think that food is great to gift, because I mean everyone loves sweets,chocolate or some drinks. I also think that baking someone cookies and package them nicely is the best gift ever. It’s so personal and thoughtful. Great ideas dear, really helpful. xx

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  2. These are all super great ideas. I have been having trouble figuring out what I should get for my parents and my fiance so this definitely gave me some ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cosmetics are my FAVOURITE gift to receive for sure! Anything pampering or self-maintenance-y is the best, aswell as food. Food is always the answer! I always say I’m really easy to buy for if you know me but probably quite hard if you don’t as like you, I like my alternative bits and bobs! I’m not one for all the fluffy pink unicorn stuff, haha. I totally agree about personalised gifts, too. They are the best and something sentimental, you can never go wrong with!
    Alice Xx

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    1. I really appreciate you taking your time to read my post and leave a nice comment – thankyou! Yes, you really just can’t go wrong with cosmetics, I feel like! Yes haha I relate, but my boyfriend likes alternative things too so he’s really good at finding stuff like that! x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes 100% – it is difficult, become sometimes it may not be received how you would receive it (if that makes sense). Children usually want more materialistic things but in general but I feel as a general point, and the older you get, practical presents are the best! As an adult you forget to buy a load new socks so getting them at Christmas is like saving a chore haha! x


  4. Ana! This! Post! Was! Incredible!!! I’m so happy that you’re back blogging again as I’ve missed your writing style so much😇 this was such a useful post and I will definitely be using some of these ideas xx

    Liked by 1 person

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