Autumn Beach Walk: Photo Diary

Living on the coast of England means multiple beaches are very nearby. I’ve even lived on the sea front before, but bar that time period, I barely take the short walk to see the sea crash against the sand. I was staying at my boyfriend’s house for 2 weeks and his house is just a road away from the beach, so of course we had to have a little wander! We took a lot of photos, but here are my favourite.

“Oh, so cringe”

In all honesty, my boyfriend and I don’t often take photos like these, but it was a romantic walk so we had to! I love how the photos came out, even with the focus mainly being the sky behind us. The silhouette kind of effect makes it look cute in my opinion! Also if you’re making a joke in your head about our height difference, we’ve heard them all anyway, go ahead.

Life’s a beach

Moving on, here are some actual beach photos to cleanse your eyes from the “cringe”. As you can see, the waves were so calm which added to the experience of the walk! The air was slightly cold and crisp and really made it feel cosy and autumnal. I feel like taking a nice walk along the seaside – or anywhere with nice scenery, I suppose – just helps relieve stress and puts you in a good mindset. Thought I’d insert the ones we’re in as well, because we were trying to get some ‘instagram worthy’ photos but kind of suck at the posing aspects of it.

Under the pier, under the pierrr

My boyfriend and I wanted to take some photos under the pier because we thought it looked “edgy” in a way, I don’t know – you can decide if it is or not. We just liked it in general as a photogenic background, but the lighting wasn’t really on our side. I didn’t like the photos of me but I liked this one of my him… I sat lower to take it from a different perspective which I like, plus the way he is central down the column. P.S. can you tell we’re metalheads?

“These beach huts are too colourful”

Yes, we did say that. We ended up finding a plain black one though, which balanced it out. I was posing – not very well – in front of numerous beach huts, with my boyfriend in front of me taking the role of photographer. It was super cute, because he really tries too, knowing I like having photos for my blog. I think he did a great job because I’m really happy with them!

Sunset lover

Referencing both the song and myself with the title; I love the sky in general and even more when the sun is setting. It just looks so pretty, in my opinion. We spent ages trying to get a silhouette style photo of one of us, and I kind of… almost… nailed it. Considering we were taking photos on our phones, I think it went pretty well.

That is all for the photo’s now! I’m not really sure what this post is but I just wanted to have my favourite photos from the beach trip in a blog post so here it is. Posts like these are nice to look back on; they don’t get many views or likes, but they stay on my little space of the internet as a memory for the future.

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time,

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14 thoughts on “Autumn Beach Walk: Photo Diary

  1. As much as I want to say “cringe cringe cringe” because I’m a hater who can’t do cute shit like this because no one loves me… I actually love how adorable these pictures came out I am SO jealous!!! And I thought the beach hut colours were lovely (referring to the pink) i think it’s so eyecatching! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha don’t worry, I was the same before I met my boyfriend and I’ve had so many people say the photos are cringe. We really don’t usually take photos like these though, but thankyou so much. I really appreciate your comment x


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