Am I Applying To Uni? My Thoughts! // University Diaries #1

University Diaries #1


Hey guys! Today I am back with a topic, I am pretty sure I have never spoken about on my blog before? UNIVERSITY. There are such different opinions on university, and this new little series is going to start off with me talking about not only my opinions, but my aspirations too. I did a poll on twitter and you all seemed keen, so of course, I have delivered as promised.




Should everyone go to university?

I have always stood by, and will always stand by the fact university isn’t for everyone. You may not be academic and want to pursue a more creative career, which is great too. You may be super academic, or just work extra hard to get a degree, and maybe a masters afterwards. Everyone is so different, and I think it is important not to make these kinds of decisions based on comparing yourself to others. We all have different interests and aspirations in life so just do what is best for you. There are so many options out there, as much as schools focus on and put pressure on university being the only one. You can do other courses at college if you wanted to study something specific that you didn’t have the opportunity to do, you could get an apprenticeship and get paid to learn practically, you could take a gap year and gain some new life experiences. There are so many possibilities for you, whether university is something you would like to do or not, don’t worry!

Have I always wanted to go to university?

Throughout high school, I swapped between being set on getting a degree and being the “I’ll do an apprenticeship or full-time job” kind of person. Many times, in all honesty. I originally wanted to do makeup artistry or beauty therapy, then I realised that wasn’t me at all. I then looked at numerous career options; nursing, digital marketing, journalism, social work, all throughout 6 years of high school. It took me until the end of my first year at Sixth Form to finally be sure. I can now say I definitely know what I want to do and what my career aspirations are (well… mostly)!


So what do I want to do study and where?

My chosen course is (LLB) Law. I adore the course and the career opportunities available after graduating, I am so happy I spent time considering it as I am now set on it and excited to study it! I know there are many universities that offer joint honours with Law, for example Law and Criminology, but personally I would just rather study Law as a whole as I don’t really have a deep enough interest in another course, and those that I do will be studied within the Law modules.

I have 5 top choices for university, and I will mention them in my next blog post for this series when I speak about open days but right now I’m not going to. All I will say is that 4 are in the East Anglia region and the 5th is actually in another country just as an extra option! One of them is my favourite due to the modules and everything the university has to offer, but it all depends on my grades I guess. I know everyone has different requirements in mind when looking at uni; but personally, the main one for me was the convenience of having a feasible commute so I have the option to stay at home, these universities range from 1-3 hours away from me. Obviously that isn’t the only thing influencing my decision, I am truly interested in and happy with the modules that I will study, at two of the universities specifically.

Another thing I have taken into consideration is my target grades for my A Levels. This varies for everyone; you may be getting straight As or you may be getting all Cs, and that is totally fine, everyone is different and there will most likely be a university out there that will accept you if you don’t get what you hoped. Anyway, ignore my ramble, my point is that my 4 choices have a range of entry requirements. I may achieve the target grades, or it could be lower or higher, I have taken this into account as advised by my tutor.



Am I moving out?

See this is a situation that I am finding a bit confusing. Personally, moving into halls isn’t something I am really looking to do.  I know everyone says it is a great experience, but all I hear is about the constant parties, etc… I don’t judge people at all for partying a lot or whatever, if that is their choice. But for me, I’m such a chilled out person, who doesn’t drink and is probably considered ‘boring’ to all the party people. I would rather just sit in, watch Netflix and get my work done in the evening. The thought of sharing with so many people too, I am by no means a snob, but I like to be comfortable in my surroundings and this whole concept would make me so anxious. On the other hand, I am not 100% on staying at home, this is because I currently don’t have a driving licence or car so if that is still the case when I go to university, train tickets are going to cost me a fortune. Commuting won’t be so long that it isn’t possible, but the prices are daunting. Another option me and my boyfriend have been considering (before you judge, me and him will have been together almost 3 years) is getting a little 1 bedroom flat nearby the campus. We are both looking at the same university, so obviously this depends on our offers. It would work out cheaper for us to do this and split the costs, but obviously this wouldn’t be certain until near the time due to offers and available flats in the area as well as financial situation being taken into consideration.


To finish this post off, I just want to say that it is okay not to know what you want do to. You don’t have a time limit! All I have heard in my last few years in education, is how much I need to rush and know what I want to do with my life. But there are SO many options and over time you figure out your interests and ambitions. Even if this means doing retail or bar work (which there is nothing wrong with) and then deciding years after that you will go to university after all. Here are some links for you to look at if you are unsure but want some inspo!



(a lil’ list of options for after your a-levels or college)


(search for available apprenticeships near you)


(so many things to do on a gap year; travelling, volunteering, etc…)


(you can ask Qs to other students or see their Qs and responses)



Thank-you all so much for reading this ramble-filled post. As I said, it was requested, so I hope it lived up to your expectations and not only gave you an idea of my plans but also helped you out if you are unsure what to do after sixth form or college? I love chatting about things like this, so let me know in the comments if you have been or are going to university and if not, what did/are you doing instead?

One last thing, I am so close to 2000 followers on my Twitter (click here), so make sure you follow me on there if you haven’t already (I am much more funny and rt great memes on there) as well as my Instagram (click here) as my goal is 500! Thanks in advance!


Until next time






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22 thoughts on “Am I Applying To Uni? My Thoughts! // University Diaries #1

  1. i can’t wait to go on this little journey with you! i totally get your situation not knowing what to do about moving out but like you said it’s fine not know, at least you’re thinking about this now rather than when you’re actually applying for uni!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks that means a lot! Yeah haha I panic too much if I don’t plan important things in advance 😂 appreciate the support ♡


  2. Looking forward to following this journey as it progresses.
    Everything happens for a reason in life so just go with the flow and how you feel at the time, if something doesnt work out then it doesnt matter you can just try something else.
    You gotta do what feels right, so good luck girl xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thankyou sooo much! Yes I always believe that things happen for a reason, I am just seeing where everyday takes me tbh. Appreciate you reading xx


  3. I did halls in my first year, and although a lot of people do party a lot, you are able to find likeminded people, don’t worry! In my second year I probably went clubbing a total of 5 times throughout the year, you just have to find people that are comfortable with who you are!

    Jas xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you ended up having a good experience still! I will obviously consider halls but it just frightens me haha! Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hope everything goes well for you lovely! It’s a big decision, but once you break it down it really doesn’t have to be so daunting. I’m going into my second year at university, and I love it so much. I never thought at the start of first year that I’d be missing my uni friends/course/house/city/life this much in the summer away from it all. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I am super excited about it! I just have to get through year 13 and try my best to get the grades! Thanks a lot for reading xx


  5. Hey Ana! University is an incredible experience if it’s the lifestyle for you – please don’t worry about the partying etc., because you will 100% not be the only one who feels the same way. If you’d rather spend a night in with pizza, PJs and Netflix, you’re definitely going to find people that are on the same wavelength as you. They’ll be feeling the same way right now, and I promise what you have in common with people at uni is going to bring you together! Remember to join plenty of societies and enjoy the independence/freedom that comes with it. Finally, blogging can take up a fair amount of your schedule because uni is nowhere near as controlling hour-wise as school.

    Super excited to see you take on the uni journey – you’re going to make so many memories and learn so much about yourself. It’s amazing!

    Nati x |


    1. Thanks so much! Obviously the next year will be planning, applying and working hard but all the support I’ve been getting I will 100% remember and look back on when I start uni this time next week. Your comment was lovely and means a lot to me, thanks ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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