200 Followers and 1000 on Twitter! Milestones #2

I know it’s not been long since my previous milestones post but I’ve hit another 2 big milestones! These both happened a few days ago but I’d been considering not doing it since it may come across as bragging because I’m gaining followers quite quickly. But I’m sure you are aware I’m not bragging – like I said in my previous milestones post, I just want to say thankyou and document my progress to look back on!

200 Followers on WordPress! Obviously, my blog runs on WordPress and the majority of my followers read my posts through it so to hit 200 means a lot. Thankyou to every single one of you who clicked follow! I hope you enjoy all my posts yet to come!

I also hit 1000 followers on Twitter! I was so shocked because literally about 2 weeks ago I had only just hit 800 – so that is 200 in roughly 14 days! I was away from my blog and was on twitter rarely for about half a year and yet I’ve still managed to grow quickly since being back. I have worked hard so I’m super happy I’m making progress!

Thankyou so much as always for your support, all the likes and comments and follows I receive mean so much to me! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog! Until next time,

xo Ana



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